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Advertising your position on Recruit911.com is simple and FREE, providing access to tens of thousands of candidates. Recruit911.com provides a unique job board free of popup ads and strictly focused on promoting public safety-related positions.

Quickly manage all applicant and recruiting data throughout the applicant selection process. Enhance applicant and staff experience by eliminating paper and reducing bottlenecks. Generate email notifications, maintain applicant history, track applicant skills, and more.


Reach Over 100k Potential Candidates via Social Media
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Unlike other job boards and recruitment websites, Recruit911 does not charge employers or volunteer organizations to post their available positions. Recruit911 does collect a $19.99 service fee from the candidate once they submit their application. However, candidates can view job postings free of charge. As part of our goal to increase the ever declining ranks of volunteers in the emergency services, Recruit911 does not charge a service fee for candidates who are applying for volunteer positions.